Rogers Machine provides time proven patented assembly lubricators for
production assembly line applications. Our line-side lubricators are designed and
built specifically per our customers requirements. We developed this concept six
years ago and have produced many of these to satisfy production oiling and
lubrication issues since.

How they work:
Our lubricators operate by wicking oil from a reservoir and target that lubricant to a
particular area on your assembly part. Dispensing the correct amount of oil filming
to only the area that requires it. Typically rubber O-rings, seals and metal or
plastic parts that mate with rubber or neoprene parts.

There are very few moving components. And some designs have no moving parts.

Hundreds of thousands of cycles in between required maintenance.

We design and build a lubricator that is exclusive to your assembly part. We
incorporate a machined guide to accept your part and align it during the lubrication
process. Controlling the depth and the amount of oil applied. They work with
virtually any type of oil including those of heavier viscosities. They are typically
mounted stationary to the floor or line on an adjustable height base however, in
some cases certain elements prohibit the part form being relocated to the
lubricator. In that circumstance we have and can provide a tethered mobile
lightweight hand-held lubricator that operates on the same principle.

An abundant reservoir is incorporated to reduce the re-fill frequency. A normal
re-fill cycle is approximately once a week and is very easy to perform. Simply open
the filler and pour in lubricant to the full mark on the included sight glass level on
the side of the reservoir.  Also provided is a protective cover over the lubrication
point to be utilized during down times to protect the lubricator from airborne

Traditionally, assembly part lubrication is performed with devices that involve an
expensive array of pneumatic components. Many moving parts and a complicated
assortment of valves, nozzles, adjustments, etc. Ours have very few moving parts if
any and require no adjustment beyond the initial build.

Below are just a few pictures of lubricators that we designed and are probably
being used even as you are reading this. Not an extensive depiction of the many
types we have designed. Some are very much different to these however all work
upon the same principle.

Call or E-mail us today with your assembly lubrication concerns.  Generally a one
week period between purchase and delivery. Contact us today to go over details
and pricing.
Assembly parts lubricators